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Budgeting Your Way to Financial Stability

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The budget is the nonprofit industry’s most commonly prepared and widely accepted financial instrument. Yet few nonprofits use the budget to its fullest advantage.

Today’s reality calls for a more considered approach to budgeting. As funds get tighter and competition stiffer, savvy nonprofits need solid financial know-how to adjust to market realities and ensure program sustainability.

Budgeting Your Way to Financial Stability provides nonprofit managers and board members the tools they need to understand and strengthen their budgeting practices. This hands-on workbook will show you:

  • How to approach budgeting
  • What type of budget will work best for your organization
  • How to adopt an income-based approach to budgeting
  • How to better understand and fund your indirect costs
  • How to segregate program costs from one another
  • How to use the budget to set pricing and develop unit costs
  • How to use the budget to establish cash reserves

Based on the popular training seminar “Budgeting for Results,” this practical guide is written especially for small and mid-size nonprofits. Numerous examples and timesaving worksheets are included throughout the text, in addition to a companion CD.

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